Roles and responsibilities

  • Shall perform all duties of President in his/her absence—refer to President’s roles and responsibilities.
  • Shall promote and execute all fundraising projects by planning and working with chairperson for event.
  • Shall assist with Master Calendar for following year-to be completed by June.
  • Shall be chairperson for a minimum of two fundraisers during school year.  
  • He/she will be responsible for planning and getting volunteers for those events. (see calendar)
  • Set up, work and close every event.  If you are unable to attend-notify President and chairperson and find your own replacement.
  • Minimum of two board members will count money at end of event, one of whom must be the Treasurer or President.
  • Make sure website is updated on a monthly basis--pass information to Web Support.
  • Have fun!!!!

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