6th Grade Camp needs you!  Let's do this!  

Update 9/22/14: Due to the King Fire's extremely close proximity to Sly Park and its limited containment, the 6th grade camping trip has been postponed until December.  This delay gives families a little more time to make deposits into their student's account.

The 6th-grade Sly Park camping trip will take place in September this year.  This camping trip is traditionally in February, so there is much more time for the students to raise money for their camp accounts.  This year, we do not have that extra time.  

At $265/student and approximately 80 6th graders attending, students need to raise around $22,000!  Yes, $22,000 for just this one trip!  

See the graphic to the right to see where we are and where we need to be. >>>

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