Roles and responsibilities

  • Shall preside at all meetings of the PTC and Executive Board.
  • Shall appoint a chairperson for all fundraising events.
  • Shall serve as a program chairperson.
  • Will prepare a Master Calendar that includes Executive Board and general meetings, all PTC-sponsored events and fundraisers.  Calendar must be completed in June for upcoming school year--dates are subject to change due to district calendar.
  • Coordinate the work of the chairpersons in order for PTC objectives to be promoted.
  • Make sure PTC events are approved by Principal and do not interfere with school activities.
  • Develop agendas for meetings in consultation with other board members.  
  • Pass agenda information to secretary one week prior to meeting.
  • Keep parents and staff apprised of PTC activities and acts as a primary liason between them.
  • Shall act as chairperson for a minimum of two events during school year.  
  • Will be responsible for planning event and getting volunteers.  (see calendar)
  • Work with historian to update “Events” binder.
  • Must approve all monies spent and sign all checks.
  • Plan on attending occasional staff meetings upon request of Principal or teacher(s).
  • Set up, work, and close every event.  If there is a scheduling conflict, find a replacement.
  • Make sure all cash boxes are at stations, ready for use, 15 minutes before start of event.
  • Minimum of two board members will be responsible for counting money at end of event.  One of the members must be Treasurer or President. 
  • Have fun!! 

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