The Rocklin Elementary PTC would like to keep you informed about where the money we raise and you donate is distributed.  Besides attending the monthly PTC informational meetings, we will include some of that information here.  

Moving forward, we would like you to see how much we earn in net proceeds for the bigger events and fundraisers, and let you know how money is being utilized.  

The main purpose for the annual jog-a-thon is to afford the students to raise funds for their "6th Grade Science Camp" trips.  These trips traditionally take place in February at Rocklin Elementary, so the kids have over half of their 6th grade school year to raise these funds.  This year, camp is scheduled for September, so the need for immediate fundraising is our #1 priority.  Camp costs are the reponsibility of the student/students' families, so fundraising is a great way to eliminate or significantly reduce the cost.  Camp costs are currently almost $300 per student.

2014 Camp Update:  Due to the King Fire, and it's close proximity to Sly Park, the 6th grade camp trip has been postponed until December.  Now, there's a little more time for students' families to deposit money into their students' camp accounts.

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