Duties and responsibilities

  • Recruit volunteers to serve as Docents for each classroom.  Acquaint Docents with the rules of the program.  Place special emphasis on the fact that portfolios are NOT TO BE TAKEN off school grounds for any reason and that ALL PORTFOLIO ITEMS ARE ACCOUNTED FOR after each class.
  • Help schedule Docents' portfolio presentations in classrooms.
  • Distribute training manuals, fall training schedule, and rotation schedules to Docents BEFORE training classes.  Order any extra manuals needed for Docents.
  • PLEASE KEEP CAREFUL INVENTORY OF PORTFOLIO CONTENTS.  Head Docent should INVENTORY INCOMING PORTFOLIOS when they arrive at school and, most importantly, BEFORE THEY ARE PICKED UP by the PCOE driver.  Any missing or damaged items should be reported to the PCOE office immediately.
  • Update the Art Docent list on the PCOE website, www.placercoe.k12.ca.us.  It is recommended that the Head Docent update the list at the beginning of the school year and again by the end of April.  All new Docents' contact information must first be submitted to Nancy Cruz at ncruz@placercoe.k12.ca.us before the Head Docent will be able to register Docents to the trainings and events.
  • Head Docent must check in at the beginning of each month with each Docent as well as their assigned teachers.
  • Head Docent is to maintain and update art supplies throughout the school year.
  • Attend all Parent Teacher Committee (PTC) meetings.
  • Rotate artwork throughout the school campus (front office, library, etc).
  • All emails/correspondence must be approved by the Principal and PTC President PRIOR to circulation.  Copies should include Principal, PTC President, and Site Secretary.
  • Oversee students' artwork and coordinate with the Docents and art show Chairperson for the annual Art Show/Silent Auction.

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